Georgia Real Estate Facts

Georgia real estate has much to offer you, just make the right decision and go ahead!

If you want to purchase a commercial real estate in Georgia, you should define the business you want to develop and a location for this business. You can be interested in lots of different forms of commercial reality, from just an ordinary office to retail enterprises. But whatever real estate you are looking for, it is always reasonable to consider some interesting and possible variants and to find information about different potential categories of commercial real estate available to make your search more task-oriented.

The first category to consider is a retail property including shops and shopping centers, retail and chain store sites, malls etc.

Investment property is the second but not less important category of Georgia real estate. These are net leased and commercial rental properties, office centers and residential developments, business parks also belong to this group.

Georgia real estate includes such categories as:

-hotel and resort property (hotels, parks, stadium etc.)
-high-tech properties (scientific and medical laboratories, call centers, research institutions etc.)
-industrial properties (factories, plans, airports, mills etc.)

In numerous mass media resources, you can find real estate listings of oceanfront, waterfront, and beach Georgia real estate. Georgia real estate has some nuances in its historical and cultural sense. And if you want to be well-informed about Georgia real estate, it is desirable to work with a qualified and experienced realtor working in this area.

High prices of Georgia real estate don’t prevent investors from starting a business here. Georgia is really attractive to investors for many reasons. Here is the list of areas that would be interesting and useful to consider: Atlanta (Fulton), Savannah (Chatham), Gwinnet, Cobb, DeKalb, Clayton, Cherokee, Forsyth, , Henry, and Richmond Counties. Investing money in Georgia real estate, you make one more step towards your welfare.

Learn Real Estate Investing From The Pros

With the wide range of real estate investment programs on the market, you may be wondering which ones are really worth the money and which ones you should let pass you by.

We sat down and spoke to a leading real estate investing company in Atlanta, Arbor View Properties.  The views they shared with us were invaluable, and we shared some insights below.

Follow these simple steps and you too will be profiting like you have always dreamed you would.

The steps are as follows:

Determine what marketing niche you are going to specialize in when it comes to investing in real estate. You may want to invest in bankruptcies or you might choose to flip properties. Another avenue for investment is buying rental properties. Either one you choose can yield a good profit. The real estate pros that are successful have chosen a marketing niche in which they specialize. You can learn to invest from the pros that have specialized in your market.

Find someone who is offering training programs in your area. These are the people who have made money investing in the local market in which you are planning to invest. This is the person you want to listen to. It will do no good to try techniques used by someone in Colorado when you live in Florida. You want to learn from someone who knows the laws governing your area. You want to find out what you can about the real estate investment market for your part of the country. Finding a local investor who has made it work will allow you to learn what you need to in order for your business to become successful.

Invest your money in a program that has a complete training package. Someone who is selling you a book and a few tapes is making their money on the program you are buying. Many of these program authors have not even made any other real estate transaction except for the one that helped them buy their own home. You want to learn to invest from the pros that have been there and done that. You want to find out what worked for them and what mistakes they made. A good investor who is willing to share his or her knowledge will tell you the pitfalls. They are willing to share the mistakes they made so you can avoid them. This is the person you want to learn from when it comes time to invest in real estate.

Learn from the success stories of other top investors. Many of the top investors who have made their living buying and selling real estate also will share other success stories with you. They are willing to let you get to know others who have been taught to use the same system. The true real estate investor is not afraid to hand out references. They know their system works because they use it every day to make good money. You can learn to invest in real estate from the pros that are willing to provide you with a list of names. Speak with these other trainees. Find out what they like about the program and what they do not. Let them tell you of the experiences they have had when it comes to investing in real estate.

Make sure there is a support line or a team willing to walk you through the system. The last thing you want is for someone to sell you a bunch of books and tapes and just walk away. You want to learn to invest in real estate from the pros that are willing to stand behind you. There are actually a few who will make deals with you. These are legitimate deals where the two of you go together to examine the property and go together for the financing. This type of professional investor is the one who wants to see you succeed. This is the one real estate professional investor who will teach you what you need to know in order to become successful on your own. This is the investor whose package you should buy to learn how to invest in real estate from the pros.

That is all there is to find the right investment training package that will teach you how to invest like a pro. Follow these steps and you too will find the right mentor who will lead you to succeed, so you too can make the investment profits you have always dreamed of.

Fixer-Uppers – Create Instant Gains In A Flat Real Estate Market

Yes, it is possible to still make money investing in real estate, even when the market is flat. You just have to know what you are doing. Basically, the idea is to create your own extra value on the property, rather than waiting for the ‘market value’ to push the price up. How do you do this in reality?

The Profit Power Of Fixer-Uppers!

Planning, preparation, and research are the keywords. Don’t just charge in and buy something that’s wildly expensive and expect to sell it at a profit a few months later. That may work in a boom market, but if you want to deal in real estate on a regular basis, you can’t just hang around waiting for boom times to happen.

You need to add to the value of the property yourself rather than relying on a boom in prices for your profit.

There are always real estate bargains to be had if you know where to look. What you need to do is buy something that is reasonably priced, then add value yourself by improving it. Don’t necessarily get into structural alterations. If you’ve done your homework, there will be no need for that, anyway. Never buy a property without knowing that the foundations, walls, and roof are all basically sound.

Add Maximum Value for Minimum Cost

Do the simplest things that will give you value for money; a new coat of paint, new floor coverings, and even a new kitchen if the old one looks shabby. Light fittings, new taps, and door hardware also smarten up real estate at a relatively small cost.

Don’t forget sidewalk appeal. A well-trimmed lawn and some good quality flowers or shrubs along the front fence will attract a homebuyer as much as a neat and clean house.

Increase Rental Returns By Up To 20%

You can even do this with a rental property. Once the place is smartened up it will attract more rent. An increase in your rental returns will help you happily survive such things as interest rate rises, so renovate your rental property, then increase the rent by up to 20%. This will lower your financial risk, increase your cash flow and make sure you have enough to cover any unexpected costs like repairs.

Increase Your Returns With Fixer-Uppers

By buying fixer-uppers, rehabbing them and re-selling at a profit it is possible to create an instant income stream. You don’t stop with the one deal of course, but re-invest some – or all – of your profits in the next deal. How much you re-invest depends on the amount of debt you are comfortable with. You can work this out once you begin to know your market. The lower your debt is, the lower your risk will be.

Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

Have you ever wondered why some real estate investors are so successful, while others seem to run into roadblocks at every turn? Well, it’s quite simple. The successful real estate investor knows the ins and outs of his business and always makes sure not to put the cart before the horse. He knows all the pitfalls that exist in the world of investing and he knows how to avoid them. Here are some of the biggest mistakes investors make.  (You can read about more mistakes here)

They Are:

Finding a great property without having a plan. You should never look for a deal before you have a plan. Many excited investors will go out and find a great property and not have any idea as to what they should do next. This is where investors run into trouble. They have painted themselves into a corner without a plan of how to get out. In order to be successful you will want to make sure you have a plan and then go out and find just the right house that works with your plan. We are a world of planning people. We plan for the future, for our kid’s college education, and for our retirement. When it comes to real estate it only makes sense to plan for that too. Sometimes the novice investor gets ahead of themselves and forgets to draw up a plan. Deciding what you want to do in the real estate market will determine what houses you buy and how you sell them. It is best to always have a plan.

Investors always seem to plan on getting rich quick. While this may sound great, getting rich quick is nearly impossible. The big deals which will net you millions are only a dream. Investing in real estate is a slow and steady process, not something that can be accomplished overnight. When you proceed at a steady pace, you will keep moving towards your goal. You can make money, but being a millionaire overnight is stretching the limit. On average, a good investor can make $60 to $100 thousand a year with proper real estate investments. This strategy allows for a steady forward progress and takes into consideration that not everything will go as planned. You must keep real estate investing just what it is REAL.

Investors assume they can go it alone. Don’t ever assume you can do everything yourself. The smart investor has a team of specialists who assist him or her. Even they may not know they are part of a team, it is a team all the same. This is not a loner business.

Some of the most important members of your team should be:

-A good real estate agent that you can trust to help you analyze the properties.
-An appraiser and contractor or inspector to make sure the house is worth the investment.
-An attorney who will make sure there are no hidden surprises which may crop up at any point in the deal.
-A lender may not be needed for every deal, but it is nice to have one on your team that you know you can trust.

The belief that it is a single strategy business. Just because you have a plan, does not mean that will be the plan that will work on every single one of your deals. You must have a plan A, B, C and even a D.

Some examples of reasons why it is good to have different plans are:

-When you want to buy a home and resell it.
-Renting a property if you didn’t have the time to prepare for the housing market change.
-Offering a land contract or lease option to get rid of the property if renting is no longer an option.
-Selling the property at a loss to cut your losses before you lose any more money. The wise real estate investor also knows when to bail.

Now that you know some of the most common mistakes in real estate investing, the easiest way to avoid them is with a little research and planning. Make sure you take the time to learn the business before you start purchasing properties. There is a wide range of tools available to the novice investor from books to seminars that can help you learn the ins and outs of the business of real estate investing. Arm yourself with knowledge and you will save yourself from being another victim of the common mistakes investors make.

Steps to Locating the Right Investment Property In Georgia

If you have ever found yourself wishing there were more ways to making money than being stuck working for it in the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job, then your wishes may have been answered. Investing in real estate properties can provide a nice sum of money if done correctly. While investing may be easy, finding the right property in Georgia to invest in can be a little tricky, unless you know where to look.

There are many homes right now that have become repossessed or are in the process of being foreclosed upon. These properties are the ones you need to be on a lookout for as possible additions to your investment portfolio. You can decide to rent them out or flip them. The nice thing about these distressed properties is you can buy them either with little or no money down and at a fraction of what they are worth.

Banks are not in the real estate business. They are in the business of lending money and earning from the interest. When they have non-performing loans on the books, these loans do not make the financial institution look good. They may look like they have problems with their judgment and investors will not want to invest in the lender’s portfolio. This, in turn, costs the lender money. By clearing the bad loans off the books, it puts the lender in better standing with their investors. This is where you can clean up.

Lenders are willing to look at any offer that is made on a property. They will also say no to ones which are just too low for the value of the home. You need to do your homework before you make an offer and profits can be achieved by doing the following:

Find out how long a property has been in foreclosure or vacant. This information will give you a good indication as to how much the lender will negotiate when it comes to the property. A new listing will be harder to obtain a low bid on than an older one. Should you find one that has been on the market for a year or more, you can usually set your own price, within reason.

Search the government repossession lists. This is one of the best places to start looking for the right property. You can find some of these homes with prices of less than $10,000. The key to negotiating a deal with the HUD office is to be patient. You can offer as little as $500 for a property which has been listed as a foreclosure. Many of the properties that are for sale under $10,000 will actually sell for far less. The nice thing is most of these homes are valued at over $30,000.

Resell the property either as a rent to own or land contract. Finding the right property for this is not very hard. It is about finding the right buyer you could have problems with. There are so many people who have poor credit or have not been on the job long enough to establish a good credit rating. These are the ones you will most likely be dealing with if you choose to lease option or land contract the house. Finding the right property for these people is simply a matter of asking.

Form a buyer’s list. This is a list of people who are looking for a specific property to buy. You will know what they are looking for and have it all listed. This will ensure when you come across the right property you know who to contact to sell the home too. It is a win, win situation. You can sometimes create a deal with no money out of pocket when you have a buyers list. It is a simple matter of negotiating.

Set up a deal with the seller. The buyer would be able to tour the home. If the buyer is willing to purchase, he or she would come up with the money to purchase the property. You would be acting as the middleman. For a percentage of the sale or an agreed upon price, the deal would be sealed.

That is all there is to find the right investment property. Follow these steps and you too will be making the profits you have always dreamed of.

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